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Kaltex team has been very inspired by previous visits to the  Amsterdam Denim Days. This city does an amazing job uniting all denim professionals and enthusiasts for a week of inspirational events to honor all things Indigo.


We would love to be your guide in all
this city has to offer.


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Pocket Guide


Pocket Guide

Do as the locals do.

The most common way to get around in Amsterdam is by bike and lt's be real-it isthe most Chic, Healthy and Sustainable way!


No Excuses!

Rent for €10-15 a day from anywhere  (hotels or bike shops city-wide)  and keep it for your whole trip!


Don’t worry!

Motorists take Cyclists in to account.. so accidents are rare!


Rules of the Road!

*Use bike lanes on right side of the road

*Always give right of way to taxi’s, trams, buses

*Stop for red (cycle) traffic lights.

*Indicate (with your arms) & look behind you before turning.

*Don’t get your wheels stuck in tram rails, you must cross them at a steep angle!

*Turn on your headlights and rearlights after dark.



Created on the reconstructed site of a 19th century gasworks, WESTERGASFABRIEK is an award-winning multi-functional cultural space.

Developed through extensive community consultation, the park and exhibition space incorporates historic landscape styles and post-industrial  buildings. The composition of recycled paving materials, soft planting and water systems balancing modern community needs with those

of the environment.


*Free wifi throughout park grounds



Fri, April 15th 12-8pm

Sat, April 16th 10-6pm



Kingpins Show


Wed, April 13th 10-6pm

Thurs, April 14th 10-5pm